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Free Soft

TPE Yogamat – Thickness 6mm

Free Soft is the ideal Yoga mat for those who practice a static style of Yoga and don’t sweat much. It is made of 100% TPE, does not contain PVC or latex, is completely recyclable, does not absorb bad odors, and is very easy to clean: in most cases, a damp cloth is enough.

With 6 millimeters of thickness, this mat provides an excellent level of shock absorption, isolating well from the ground and making it ideal for practice on the ground, relieving joint pain. It is very light (less than 1200 grams) and therefore easy to carry around.

…if you need a little more stability…

Free Strong

High-density TPE Yoga mat – Thickness 3mm

ReYoga’s Free STRONG yoga mat was created to provide support suitable not only for yoga practice but also for fitness exercises in general.
Its main feature is the high density of its material, which makes it more durable and usable even with shoes.
The high density gives this mat a greater degree of shock absorption than a mat of the same thickness, almost on par with a mat of twice the thickness, but its 3mm gives the ideal stability to easily maintain balance even in the most difficult asanas.
This fitness and yoga mat is made of 100 percent TPE, contains no PVC or latex, and is fully recyclable. Its closed-cell structure makes it waterproof, does not absorb odors, and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
This lightweight mat is super-easy to transport.

…if you wish to have extreme grip…

Element Steady

Natural Rubber Yoga mat – Thickness 6mm

Element Steady is ideal for those who seek a thick, comfortable Yoga mat and wish to evolve in their practice with more challenging asanas while taking advantage of all the security of an unmatched grip. It is made of 100 % natural rubber and contains no PVC.

In addition, its open-cell structure makes it capable of absorbing sweat that builds up on the surface during practice, preventing you from slipping even when sweating, making it a suitable mat for most styles of yoga.
The 6-millimeter thickness gives the mat the comfort needed to absorb shock and relieve joint pain derived from grounded asanas.

The mat in the standard version is 185cm long, but for taller people the XL variant, 200cm long, is available.