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Free Light

TPE Yoga mat – Thickness 3mm

If you only sweat a little or don’t sweat at all, we also recommend the Free Light yoga mat. The main difference, when compared to the Element Grow mat, is the material.

Unlike natural rubber, TPE has slightly less grip, which allows for easier transitions between asanas. But be careful: its closed-cell structure makes it impermeable, so in case of sweating it could become slippery.

The Free Light mat is made of 100% TPE, does not contain PVC or latex, is completely recyclable, does not absorb bad odors, and is very easy to clean: in most cases, a damp cloth is enough.

…if you travel a lot…

Element Ride

Natural rubber travel Yoga mat – Thickness 1,5mm

Do you want to take your mat everywhere you go, we suggest you also consider our travel yoga mat element RIDE.

This extra-thin natural rubber mat guarantees the same adherence to the Element Grow mat and can be folded. A foldable yoga mat can easily fit in your hand luggage or a medium-sized bag. The natural rubber provides great grip in every condition (even heavy sweating).

When doing Yoga in a Yoga Studio or a Hotel where mats are already available, you can just put your Travel mat on top of another mat: this way you achieve extra comfort, better grip, and better hygiene!