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Element Steady

Natural Rubber yoga mat – Thickness 6mm

Element Steady is ideal for those who seek a thick, comfortable Yoga mat and wish to evolve in their practice with more challenging asanas while taking advantage of all the security of an unmatched grip. It is made of 100 % natural rubber and contains no PVC.

In addition, its open-cell structure makes it capable of absorbing sweat that builds up on the surface during practice, preventing you from slipping even when sweating, making it a suitable mat for most styles of yoga.
The 6-millimeter thickness gives the mat the comfort needed to absorb shock and relieve joint pain derived from grounded asanas.

The mat in the standard version is 185cm long, but for taller people the XL variant, 200cm long, is available.

…an alternative if you travel a lot…

Grippy Boo

Bamboo Microfibre Yoga Towel

An exceptional alternative could be our Grippy Boo Yoga Towel combined with another mat: this way you can enjoy both the comfort of a thick mat (like our Free Soft) and the excellent grip offered by the Grippy Boo in case of sweating.

This non-slip bamboo microfibre yoga towel is ideal for those who practice a dynamic style: the microfibre, in fact, significantly increases adherence as sweating increases, preventing you from slipping. Also, in this case, the more pressure applied to the fabric, the more grip is achieved, similar to our Energy and Cork Yoga mats.

Grippy Boo was created as a towel to put on top of another mat when you start sweating, but thanks to the non-slip material that completely covers the bottom surface, Grippy Boo stays stable on the mat below. Being light and foldable, it is super easy to transport.

If you do Yoga at a Studio or Hotel where mats are already available, Grippy Boo could be laid on top of another mat: this way you achieve extra comfort, better grip, and better hygiene!