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The best Yoga mats for starting Yoga

ReYoga free LIGHT & free SOFT

Our free LIGHT 3mm and free SOFT 6mm Yoga mats are perfect for you if you are starting your Yoga experience.
The surface of these yoga mats gives you a great grip, helping you practice safely thanks to the texture on both sides. This aspect is crucial because it allows you to focus on your Asanas without worrying about stability.

We recommend it as a yoga mat for beginners because those starting their yoga journey generally need quality non-slip support since they cannot yet execute the right pressures on their hands and feet to have better balance and because they usually practice less intense styles of yoga at this stage.

Super-light and easy to clean

Free LIGHT and SOFT yoga mats made of TPE have a closed-cell structure that makes them water-repellent. Therefore they don’t absorb sweat and are easy to clean. You can use a wet cloth and delicate soap after each Yoga session to keep your mat clean and hygienic.

All mats from our free collection are made of premium TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), a PVC- and latex-free synthetic rubber that is 100% recyclable, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic. We chose it because no toxic chemical additives are used in its production and because it requires a lot less energy to process than other similar materials.

Do you sweat a lot? This may not be the right mat for you.

Our free Yoga mat collection ahs great grip, however its waterproof structure does not absorb sweat, so if you tend to have very wet hands and feet during Yoga practice you can use a Yoga towel on top or opt for a different model. Wanna go professional? We recommend a yoga mat from our element line: they are made form 100% natural rubber and there is no slipping even when sweating intensely.

Before you choose your favorite color, decide which mat thickness is right for you.

The level of thickness directly affects the comfort and stability of your Yoga mat.

Free LIGHT 3mm offers excellent stability in balancing positions. It is lightweight (800 grams), practical, and can be used for almost all Yoga styles.

free LIGHT
Yoga mat 3mm

free SOFT 6mm is thicker and offers more comfort, which is great if you suffer from knee or back pain and generally like to have a softer surface to do Yoga on.

free SOFT
Yoga mat 6mm

Choose the color you want to practice on
free LIGHT and SOFT mats two colors and and can be used equally on either side. Check out all the shades and choose the ones that best match your personality-or the mood of your day!

Customize your mat

You can customize all our Yoga mats with a name, a word, or the logo of your Yoga Studio.