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ReYoga Element

Yoga mats that thanks to their exceptional grip support you during your yoga session

Take your yoga session to the next level with the professional yoga mats from our element collection. 100% natural rubber with no chemical additives offers unparalleled grip, whether your hands are dry or sweat is dripping from your nose during an intense yoga session. The ReYoga element yoga mat absorbs liquid and thus successfully prevents the mat from becoming slippery during your yoga session.

The natural rubber with which we produce this mat is OEKO – TEX ® Standard 100 classe 1 certified, completely free of heavy metals, chemical additives or PVC. We are proud that these ecological yoga mats are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Choose the mat thickness that suits your needs

The ReYoga element yoga mats are available in Ride, Grow, and Steady versions. These mats differ in thickness, making each version more or less suitable for your needs.
The thickness of a yoga mat determines its comfort, stability, and weight. The thicker the mat, the more comfort it offers, the thinner the yoga mat, the less weight it has and is, therefore, easier to transport.

element Ride is the easiest mat to transport. We recommend it as a travel yoga mat because it can be transported rolled and folded. It is lightweight and weighs only 900 grams (1100 in the XL version), making it a great companion on your adventures! Its thickness is minimal, so we recommend it for those less concerned about comfort. You can also use the mat as an overlay on another yoga mat, as it stays firmly on the other mat thanks to its excellent grip, thus regaining the necessary softness.

The standard version of our Element yoga mats is called Grow and, with its 4 mm thickness, offers the best combination of all the properties of the Element line: safe comfort and excellent stability.

Comfort increases with thickness and the 6 mm Steady is the best mat in this respect. Considering its weight, we recommend it to those who do not carry it around all the time. Thanks to the properties of natural rubber, this mat is particularly stable.

Do you stand out because you are particularly tall?
We’ve got you! If you are 180 cm (6 ft) or taller, you will most likely feel more comfortable with the XL version of our yoga mats than with a standard length.

Choose the color combination that suits you best
Tip: Our element yoga mats can be used on both sides!

We love colors and always try to offer original shades that meet the needs of those who use our natural rubber mats. You will find several color variations to choose from.

Quiet Wave

The natural elements that surround us, the waves, the hills, and the earth, have guided us in the definition of this double color scheme that combines sea turquoise and chocolate brown. The feeling that this color combination gives us is one of serenity and calm. We have the same feeling when we close our eyes and imagine the small waves of a calm sea spreading out on the shore.

Gentle Roots

Gentle Roots is the shade we have created with earth tones in mind, from which we have selected stable, pastel shades that give us a sense of harmony with nature. On both sides, we find peace, security and a strong sense of rootedness: rich dark Bordeaux red combined with a pleasantly relaxing olive green tone.

Total Back

Simple – uncomplicated – dark. This mat fits into any ambiance and offers timeless elegance.

Choose your natural rubber Yoga Mat