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Which mats are best suited for intense yoga practices?

Whether we are talking about intense yoga practices or not, it is worth making a premise: there is no universal mat for practicing one type of yoga rather than another.

Certainly, each practice has certain characteristics in common, which makes one mat more suitable than another. In all cases, it is always worth asking yourself what you need. 

So the first rule is to observe yourself while practicing and try to understand what your needs are.

The most intense yoga practices have in common the physical exertion they require of us and consequently, the greater possibility that our body will start to sweat! This translates into the need for a surface that can maintain its grip while performing asanas, to ensure stability and safety. For this reason, when we talk about intense practices, we lean towards yoga mats that can absorb moisture. 


If you sweat normally but never excessively during practice, we recommend a natural rubber yoga mat. This will give you all the grip you need to hold the positions and concentrate on performing the asanas correctly. 

If your sweating level is high, we recommend a mat with a microfibre top surface. In this case, you have two choices: you can choose a mat from the Energy range, which combines the comfort of natural rubber with the absorbency of microfibre, or, if you already have a mat that you practice on, you could consider combining it with the Grippy Boo, a super practical solution that will give you a close-fitting, absorbent and machine-washable surface!

Finally, an alternative could be cork. We recommend this type of yoga mat to those who practice regularly and have good experience because the adherence in this case is given by the correct pressure that you can execute during the asanas. What makes the Cork Feel special? The feeling of naturalness that it gives you.


After evaluating the best material for your needs, it will be important to consider what thickness is best for you and also to evaluate some practical aspects such as portability and ease of cleaning the mat. 

To help you evaluate all these aspects, we’ve created a quick test that will help you find out which mats are best for you in just a few minutes.